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Adventuring is serious business.

If you’re an adventurer yourself, you’ve got to keep your gear in check—your weapons and armor need to be in tip-top shape, you’ll need tools for survival, and you’ll also need some comfortable footwear for all the walking, running and jumping you’ll be doing a lot. When the big, bad monsters come around, adventuring then becomes even more serious. Adventuring becomes slaying. Jump right into the slaying business and become the best slayer the land has ever seen in Idle Slayer.

Developed by Pablo Leban, Idle Slayer puts you in the shoes (or boots) of a protagonist of your choice: Roy or Anna. Either character is on a mission to become the greatest slayer ever known, having to conquer all kinds of monsters across different lands and dimensions. The road will be a long and arduous one since slaying doesn’t always pay well.

However, when it does, it gets either protagonist better gear and allows them to take on different monsters. But this isn’t where the slaying ends, because you’ll be traveling all across different lands, looking to kill the next monster and the maintenance of your business will only become more difficult.

Have you just embarked on your slayer journey? Are you out mid-journey already but find yourself in a financial rut? Fear not, dear reader. Take a gander at our guide for Idle Slayer below and get ready to have your character become legend!

The Idle Gaming Genre and Idle Slayer

We, at Level Winner, are no strangers to idle games.

We’ve covered a couple of them before: Overmortal, Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire, Weed Inc.: Idle Tycoon, Eatventure, the Tap Titans series, the Nonstop Knight series, and many other titles are idle games by nature. Some games like Mythic Heroes and Figure Fantasy have an idle feature but aren’t exactly idle games. But if it’s your first time here and you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’re probably wondering what an idle game is.

Idle games, sometimes called clicker games, are games that essentially play themselves. While that does sound counterintuitive since games are meant to be played by a player, you technically still “play” the game. The game will play itself, sure, but it’ll end up struggling along the way since the only direction is forward: bigger numbers, more objectives, a harder time to do anything.

This is where you come in. The “playing” in playing an idle game is basically you trying to ease the game into making it progress farther. Usually, these come in the form of various upgrades or gear depending on the game and its premise. It takes a lot of time and dedication to carry yourself far into an idle game, but such is its nature.

The premise of Idle Slayer is that your protagonist, Roy or Anna (at least in the beginning), is a slayer out looking for a job to do. The job being, naturally, slaying things (specifically monsters). So they set off on an adventure and stride across grasslands and various other areas they can discover through the use of magic portals. Unfortunately, they start out as complete rookies, not finding anything to actually slay and so, their quest begins with them picking up coins to fund their business. Hey, you’ve got to have capital to start a business, right?

The controls of the game are quite simple. Tapping anywhere on the screen that isn’t a button will cause your character to jump. Pressing long on the screen will make them jump higher. On the left side, you can make them temporarily run faster or jump farther using the Boost button which cools down over time. On the upper left corner of the screen is the Ascension button. It’s there where you can choose to Ascend—a means to buy permanent power ups.

On the right side of the screen is your inventory which opens up the main operations of your entire progress (e.g. it allows you to level up your character’s equipment, purchase upgrades, change settings, etc.). On the upper right is a special gauge which we’ll talk about soon and the Portal button which summons a Portal that will change your environment.

Be careful, this button has an 8-hour cooldown, so if you miss the Portal by jumping over it, you’ll have to wait another 8 hours to make a new one! Most of these buttons have to be unlocked early on, so jump high and get those coins!

As you collect coins, you get to upgrade your duds and prepare yourself for what’s to come. There are a couple of upgrades that make floating boxes appear from out of nowhere. Getting what’s in the box will require your Slayer to bump it from underneath with a jump (more on this soon). The box can reward you with various things: a wad of money, a crazy coin pattern for you to frantically collect, a horde of monsters for you to swiftly annihilate, etc. But the last one only works once you’ve got the monsters to appear.

Only through certain upgrades will you be able to get the monsters to come out and this is where the real game begins. Once the monsters arrive, don’t give them any mercy! Your blade will cleave through them so easily, you won’t have to worry about losing your life (seriously, your character can’t be killed unless you’re fighting a boss which happens way later into the game). You’ll be able to do this to all sorts of monsters, including giants. These giants, while they take longer to slay, reward you with even more stuff: more Gold, more Souls.

Souls fill up a gauge on the upper right corner of the screen which give your character Slayer Points. These are used in Ascension. Killing small monsters will only give you a tiny portion of Souls while killing giants will grant you more Souls. Though smaller monsters are more common, they tend to fill the gauge up more quickly.

Idle Slayer also has an interesting secret: it can be played in the landscape orientation. We highly recommend playing this in landscape because it’ll allow you to see what’s farther ahead.

This is but the beginning of the game. Idle Slayer has its nuances and it’s a long journey ahead. Your biggest hurdle here is progress, and it’ll only grow taller the more you dilly dally about. Read on and we will show you how to zip through the levels and get the most out of your earnings!

The Basics of the Slaying Business

Slaying is no easy business to maintain! You’ve got to have the best gear, the shiniest artifacts, and the thirst to keep yourself going. It’s going to be a long, arduous journey because the only directions from here are onward and up. Let’s get slaying!

1. Actively Play the Game

It’s an idle game, so what’s the point of playing it?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should be playing Idle Slayer actively. One particular reason why is that almost anything you do, any new milestone you reach earns you an achievement. For each achievement you earn, you can use this to your advantage by getting the belt upgrade.

To access the upgrades, tap the green arrow icon in your inventory menu, and you should find an upgrade called the Belt of Knowledge which starts at the low, low price of 2.5k Gold. This special belt will grant you a bonus to your Coins per Second (CpS) for every achievement you’ve earned.

Think of the many things you explore along the way—a new record for the highest sword level, how many times you pressed the boost button, how many times you’ve jumped, etc. All of these little achievements help in making your character earn more.

Other than that, hitting boxes and opening them will get you some bonus cash along the way. But are you having trouble hitting the boxes at all? Let’s talk about that in the next item!

2. Timing Your Jumps Helps

A box has made its way into the screen—jump too soon and you’ll jump over it, jump too late and you’ll miss.

You see, a long, long time ago, in a famous gaming console, there once was a very famous game that involved an Italian plumber who was trying to save a princess from a fire-breathing dragon turtle.

Apart from running, jumping, throwing fireballs, and eating mushrooms that make him grow bigger, he had the ability to break blocks with his head. Some of these blocks had question marks on them and he could only open them by hitting them from underneath using his head. Crazy, huh? Same principle applies here in Idle Slayer.

When a box comes into view, all you need to do is simply wait for your character to get directly under it. Once they are, jump immediately and you’ll get the prize inside. This technique should also be observed once you unlock the Silver Boxes which are limited per day but give you even larger bonuses than ordinary boxes. But timing your jumps doesn’t just work well for boxes.

If you happen to see coin patterns or swarms of flying enemies, you can maximize what you earn from them by following the pattern with your jumps. For example, if you encounter a coin pattern that has 3 columns, you can gather the first column by jumping up, then the second column by falling. The third one can be collected with a second jump. You read that right: a 3-column coin pattern neatly cleared with only 2 jumps.

You will miss coins and monsters every now and then, but don’t feel too bad. Though, you should really try your best not to miss the monsters since they’re more valuable.

3. Try Not to Miss the Monsters

Every monster’s got a bounty on its head; each and every one of them.

The monsters of Idle Slayer, for the most part, are divided into two types: air and land. Air monsters fly and require you to jump at them to successfully kill them, whereas land monsters can simply be killed by walking towards them. Killing any monster will not just grant you Souls, but an extra boost in your Gold.

Think of monsters as but another way to earn money. Killing more of these will get you more equipment levels under your belt (yes, we’re also talking about achievements here since there are achievements for killing monsters), and killing a number of them can help you earn from quests which you unlock from the upgrades section. Souls and Slayer Points are very important as we will discuss soon.

Just remember: when you activate the Horde bonus from the boxes, try to kill as many of the monsters as much as you can so as to maximize your earnings. The Horde bonus mostly involves a large group of aerial enemies, so be prepared to jump a lot.

Of course, any good adventurer should be out there with the best gear. Let’s talk about that next!

4. Level Up Your Equipment Well

In most idle games, earning currency is the main feature of the game. Idle Slayer is no exception!

In your inventory, the sword icon will bring you to your equipment tab. The equipment that your character wields passively earns them Gold when leveled up. There is no means for you to use the equipment per se, but with each item you have in that tab, it increases your CpS by a little bit each time you level them. At level 0, these equipment pieces will not generate CpS; you’ll need to level them up at least one time in order to get the bonuses they offer.

You may even choose to level up your equipment in batches. At the bottom of the equipment screen, you should see numbers in this succession: 1 10 50. Tapping any of these will allow you to level up your desired equipment piece by the levels specified. We recommend going by 10s since it’s ostensibly quicker to level your equipment this way than bumping each of them up one level at a time. 50 levels is bigger for sure, but it’s not as economic as it would seem; especially if you’re trying to level each piece separately.

Each time you reach a certain amount of CpS, you will unlock new equipment. What we mean to say is that you’ll start with just the sword, then you’ll unlock the shield, then the helmet, then armor, then boots, so on and so forth. The new equipment will be more powerful in generating overall CpS, but such power comes with the price of being more expensive than the new equipment’s predecessors.

For instance, your sword might be generating 22 CpS at level 50, but your helmet is generating 3,450 CpS at level 1. You shouldn’t worry too much about leveling these up when you can’t afford to, but every level helps.

Speaking of which, getting new equipment is similar to getting new upgrades. Let’s tackle this one next!

5. Get the Next Upgrade

Your equipment alone just won’t cut it—you’re gonna need upgrades, too!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, upgrades can be found in the upgrades tab by pressing the green arrow icon in the inventory. upgrades are powerful perks that change the way the game feels. For instance, many of the upgrades often focus on CpS gain, while others give you the opportunity to fight more monsters and the like.

As far as upgrades go, we highly recommend getting any of these that add to your CpS. To illustrate, hitting certain levels with your equipment will unlock upgrades for them. When your sword hits level 100, an upgrade appears called Light Sword which causes your sword to generate 100% more CpS.

This happens to all the equipment in your inventory. Naturally, the equipment you get later on tends to have even more powerful upgrades. More upgrades that improve CpS would be those that look like food (e.g. Candy, Cheese, Strawberry, Meat, etc.).

Some upgrades grant you quests to accomplish. Should you pursue these quests, do know that the gap between getting more of them is quite great. You’ll have to earn over billions of Gold alone to get the next set of quests after the “Beginner” difficulty. In the meantime, there’s still plenty to do.

One of the many things you can do before getting the next quest set is to Ascend and to do it often.

6. Ascend Often

Ascension—we’ve mentioned it here earlier, but what exactly does it do?

What Ascension does is bring your character back to the beginning. All of their equipment and upgrades will start at 0. Your CpS will be 0 as well. You’ll be back to collecting coins manually as opposed to waiting for the game to gain coins for you. “This sounds like a terrible idea,” you might say, but hear us out when we say that Ascension actually opens up a lot of cool stuff for your character.

Ascension allows you to start with a clean slate. Perhaps you feel like you leveled up the wrong equipment pieces, or maybe you feel like you got the wrong upgrades at the wrong time, this is your chance to scratch that itch.

That’s not all. Ascension gives you the choice among a plethora of power ups, provided you have the Slayer Points for it. These power ups are permanent—even if you Ascend another time, they won’t leave you.

That said, because the map of power ups in Idle Slayer is huge, we’re sure you’re wondering which ones you should invest in.

7. Invest Slayer Points Into CpS

Remember what we said about how Ascension works? You start from 0.

Like we said, you’ll be jumping up and down for coins, trying to collect them all manually. It does sound like a pain, but there is a way you can alleviate that. That’s through investing your Slayer Points into power ups that increase your CpS.

There’s quite a number of these that upgrade your CpS, but here are a couple of power ups we can tell you to get early on:

  • Reinvest — (8 Slayer Points) Each coin you pick up grants you 25% of your current CpS.
  • Money Laundering — (25 Slayer Points) Each coin you pick up grants you 10% of your current CpS. Requires Reinvest.
  • Stocks Buyer — (50 Slayer Points) Each coin you pick up grants you. 15% of your current CpS. Requires Money Laundering.
  • Mining Jewels — (10 Slayer Points) Gain 5% bonus CpS. Requires Soul Gatherer Bundle.
  • Blue Ore — (20 Slayer Points) Gain 10% bonus CpS. Requires Mining Jewels.
  • Red Ore — (30 Slayer Points). Gain 10% bonus CpS. Requires Mining Jewels.

There are more CpS-oriented power ups to be had, but these are the ones you can get the earliest. Before you know it, you’ll be getting the Green, Purple, and Yellow Ores as well to complete the collection.

But CpS power ups shouldn’t be the only thing to make your character stronger…

8. Invest Slayer Points Into Soul Gathering

… You’ve got to have a healthy flow of Souls, too!

Souls are the very life energies that emanate from monsters and to harvest them is by slaying them. Early on in this guide, we briefly mentioned how killing monsters fills up your Soul Gauge. At first, the progress at which this bar fills is rather slow and only when you fill it completely will you gain a single Slayer Point. But do not fret, there are still ways you can increase your Soul gain.

There are a few Ascension power ups that can help you gain more Souls. Here are a few that we can recommend getting early:

  • Permanent Slayer — (2 Slayer Points) Permanently unlock the Start Adventure and Enemy Realm upgrades so enemies can spawn at the start of any Ascension.
  • Soul Reaper — (5 Slayer Points) Increase the amount of Souls that you gather by 1% for every Slayer Point you got since you started playing the game.
  • Soul Gatherer Bundle — (4 Slayer Points) Permanently unlocks the Soul Flask and Soul Gatherer upgrades.
  • True Idle Slayer — (5 Slayer Points) You slay 50% more enemies when the game is closed.
  • Sword Edge — (15 Slayer Points) You now gain 0.2% while the game is closed for every sword level.

Get these in the beginning and you should be able to get a good number of Slayer Points. Then the cycle continues: earn more Slayer Points than before, invest in more power ups that give you CpS and Slayer Points, Ascend. This is all part of the game and this is the best way you can get your character to rise in power and coin generation.

There are a few things left that we need to explain, but our next bullet is something we need to point out.

9. Leave the Game to Idle

The game isn’t called Idle Slayer for nothing!

As is the nature of idle games, Idle Slayer actually rewards its players for putting the game down and letting it play itself. This is the true secret to earning a ton of stuff in-game. You tend to forget that you’re even playing and when you check back, BAM! You’re now swimming in Gold.

A nice way you can approach this is by starting your day with some Idle Slayer and giving your character’s equipment the levels you need first. After hitting some levels, leave the game and go do something else. Say, you’re about to study for school tomorrow or you’re completing something for work the next day, checking back in on your Idle Slayer after getting in touch with the real world should surprise you.

Naturally, don’t leave your earned money to gather dust there. You’ll want to use the money you earned to increase the levels of your equipment or even purchase upgrades that you didn’t think you could afford before. This will also help the idle rewards swell in amount. The next time you come back after this, you’ll have even more stuff to level and upgrade. But this also means you should Ascend once in a while so you can put your gathered Souls to good use.

Sometimes, ads can also help increase what you earn from idle play.

10. Watch Ads to Increase Rewards Gained

Advertisements—love them or hate them, they’re everywhere and they won’t be going soon.

Perhaps you’ve recently seen one from your favorite YouTube video, or while you were browsing your favorite website. The truth of the matter, unfortunately, is that ads are inescapable. But in most mobile games, ads don’t exist without rewarding their watchers.

Whenever you return to your session of Idle Slayer, the game will ask you if you would like to watch an ad to increase your earnings from idle time. If these earnings can further increase your character’s CpS or overall amount of Gold in their wallet, why would you say no to it? For a few seconds of your time, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with more money to use for your character’s upgrades. Don’t shun these ads, watch them and claim the rewards!

Another set of rewards that you may want to consider watching ads for are bundles of bonus coins. You will find these at the very top of the screen; buttons that glow above your overall coin counter. This is usually directly next to the Silver Boxes button. They appear every now and then, so take advantage of them and give yourself a jump forward in earnings so you can upgrade more stuff!

There are many more secrets yet to Idle Slayer. To further elaborate, there is a crafting system, a set of minions, more giants to fight other than the Hills Giant, and Ultra Ascension. However, because this is only a guide for beginners, we chose not to cover all of it since the game in itself teaches you these things along the way. Just remember that if you’ve just started, here are a few pointers of what you’ve learned from reading this guide:

  • Actively play the game. Everything you do in the game earns you achievements. Big or small, they give you more CpS thanks to the Belt of Knowledge.
  • Time your jumps for maximum coin gathering (or monster killing) efficiency!
  • Speaking of monsters, try not to miss them. They fill your Soul Gauge and give you more money.
  • Upgrading your equipment is very important. Sometimes, some Slayer Point power ups rely on these.
  • Look out for the next upgrade. It’ll help you earn more money or Souls.
  • Work on your Ascension. This is something you should do quite often.
  • Get Ascension power ups that increase your CpS and Soul gathering. These will make your character even more powerful in a short span of time!
  • Put the game down and let it idle once in a while. You’ll earn a lot just by doing this.
  • Don’t reject ad offers. They can help, too!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our guide for Idle Slayer! As simple and easy as the game looks, it will only get more difficult from here. May you earn plenty of Gold and slay a ton of monsters. Schwing!

Are you an experienced Idle Slayer player? Have you crafted Benvolio already? Did you ever Ultra Ascend and/or get into a fight with Alpha Victor? Do you simply have anything to say about our guide? Impart your knowledge and cast your thoughts into the comment section down below!


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